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I am obsessed with interiors and I never stop thinking about how to improve the environment around me. I’m always organising, rearranging and decorating, to create the best possible space to live in. One that is comfortable, warm and pleasing to look at.

I’m really happy to help if you have any questions. Perhaps you have questions about what frame to choose, sizing or how to combine artworks?

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Commercial photography

Professional food photography portfolios

See my commercial photography portfolios – drinks, food, product + creative still life for brands

For advertising photography I am represented worldwide by:
Swerve Represents

About my art

I am a British food and drink photographer, capturing colourful still life photography.

My work is both nostalgic and futuristic, exploring this tension without judgement.

My imagery is modern and playful, showcasing the edible colour palette through bold contrast and vivid hues.

I create graphic, minimalist compositions that showcase stylised food textures.

A feast of visual interest that holds the eye…

Visual aesthetic

I create colours with clarity and intensity.

I use a variety of light techniques depending on the subject and mood, but I really love the clean colours and crisp shadows of hard light.

I enjoy crafting short, beautifully shaped shadows that mimic a high, bright summer sun.

I infuse my imagery with cool white light with a hint of icy blue.

Why I create

I have been creating my whole life. I just cannot stop myself.

I have periods of extraordinary flow where I can produce almost unlimited creative works, where my mind fires all day and night with new ideas and inspiration.

There is no more enjoyable state.

Studio location

My studio is based near Leeds, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. I love all the greens, the cool greys and the ever-changing landscape of weather – sun, rain, rainbows and hail, all in one summer day.

I am based in an incredible 1880s cotton mill, in a tiny village surrounded by hills and sheep. Industrial architecture and design is a huge passion and the north of England has some truly exceptional buildings – the huge south-facing windows, tall ceilings, airy rooms, textured stone walls and steel beams make these structures some of the nicest I have seen.

My studio is filled with natural materials, metal racking, vintage props, photography equipment and kitchen tools. There is always lots to eat.

Take a tour of my studio…

passion + skill

Currently buried in contemporary art theory, colour science and the histories of colour theory, compositional structures and theory, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol, fine art print-making, artificial lighting, digital colour editing, Photoshop and Capture One retouching, product still life photography, food styling, drink styling, craft cocktails and clear ice freezing/shaping/carving.

Longtime obsessions include handmade food, pizza craft and dough theory, fresh pasta making, raw cheese and traditional cheese-making, global food cultures and histories, industrial architecture and design, interior organisation and decor, glassware, cocktail ware, celebration tables, graphic design and fonts.

Art concepts

Ideas that are always on my mind…

  • colour, shade, tone and tint
  • history and theory of colour
  • monochromatic, analogous, complementary, split complementary and triadic schemes
  • art, beauty and still life
  • minimalism and maximalism
  • artistic mediums, organic and synthetic materials, pigments and special effects
  • creative process, energy, passion, focus, imagination, skill and technique
  • design and industrial design
  • print-making and stencil
  • light, mood, shape, depth, contrast and texture
  • translucence, boldness and freshness
  • composition and perspective
  • pattern and repetition, framing, lines, pointing and geometric shapes
  • uniformity and variety
  • pop culture, style, genre and costume
  • fantasy, camp, kitsch and satire
  • concepts, icons and idols, symbols and fetishisation
  • feminism, gender and sexuality
  • social construct, stereotype, tropes, representation and appropriation
  • mass production, decadence and abundance
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