Carbon neutral printing

These prints are end-to-end carbon neutral – this means all carbon emissions are reduced or offset, including use of energy, cloud storage, staff travel, print processes and print delivery.

Where carbon is offset it is invested in renewable energy projects in line with Greenpeace guidance. Read more about The Print Space’s carbon-neutral delivery.


The studio is housed in a 1861 cotton mill, renovated and renewed for modern use. The studio is EPC rated 78 (C) and runs on fully sustainable energy, via Bulb.

All the glass, paper, recyclable plastic and batteries leftover from shoots are recycled and the studio is kept clean with biodegradable and natural cleaning products.

Ingredients are sourced from local, sustainability-focused suppliers. Organic, free-range and higher welfare ingredients are used when available. I do my best to find a good home for food-safe leftovers and excess produce.

If you can think of a way I can improve, I’d love to hear from you.

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