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Life is the heart of a rainbow

Yayoi Kusama

Limited edition projects

All works in these series are art directed, styled, photographed and edited by the artist. These editions are my most unique creative work and will never be produced in the same way again.

There are 20 images available in each edition, divided between 2 sizes. Images in each edition are numbered and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

FujiFlex “Supergloss”

FujiFlex “Supergloss” is an archival quality printing material with intense, vivid, luminous colour, pure, bright whites and inky blacks. Details you can stare at for hours. This paper prints at the highest resolution possible – best for showing you the intricate details I have created in these images. The rich colours and details in these prints will last for generations.

Fujiflex “Supergloss” is a C-type paper which means it is exposed in a similar way to the older film process, where light-sensitive silver halide papers are exposed to a negative and then bathed in multiple chemical baths to set. Although this is an ultra modern photography paper, I like the romance of this print-making process, a connection with the darkroom print-making of my youth. For me giclée papers just don’t have the luminosity I’m trying to achieve in my images. I want the colour and light in each print to sing.

One thing you don’t consider when printing images is the illumination a computer screen provides. Every image is lit from behind by the screen, so colours look brighter, more saturated, more alive. Printed with this “Supergloss” paper, my images almost appear backlit, with incredible colour, light and depth, shining out from the wall.

Two prints in picture frames with sizing, pink concrete block and sunlight


Prints are sized to match common frame sizes, both metric (cm) and imperial (inch).

Prints are available in two sizes:

SMALL30 x 40cm 12 x 16″ ∙ 10 x available
LARGE40 x 50cm16 x 20” ∙ 10 x available


Fine art prints are best framed with glass, but there are plenty of easy options for finding a great frame, no matter where you live.

Prints are supplied with 1.3cm/0.5″ white borders for mounting and handling.

Read more about finding the perfect frame.

Friendly advice

Need help making choices for your wall art? Perhaps you’re still not sure what frame to use or even where to start with framing a print. Maybe you’re wondering what size would look best in your space. Maybe you’re considering more than one picture and you want some advice on how to best match two or three artworks. Or the right piece for a gift? I absolutely love interior design and I’m really happy to help.

Get in touch via the WhatsApp chat icon, email me or book an advice call.

LIMITED edition collections

Explore my three ongoing artistic series…

Kitchen with colourful food print


Exploring the natural colour palette

This series is inspired by the colours, shades and tones in wholesome, natural foods. Get lost in the iridescent green of a new season olive oil, the inky coral-red of a blood orange, the intense, glossy pink of a pomegranate. Food colour features fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices and preserves – all-natural pigments, vibrant with energy and life.


A love letter to cocktails

This series seeks to capture the essence of a well-made drink – the dewy surface of an icy cocktail, the delicately crafted shapes of the perfect garnish, the glassy translucence of perfectly clear ice. Thirsty features the sweet-bitter intensity of a negroni, the cool effervescence of a lime-laced gin and tonic, the silky pick-me-up of an espresso martini. These works explore what truly makes us thirsty for more.

Rainbow Pride flag cereal flatlay print with sun and shadow

Pop food

A kaleidoscope of industrial food

This series features meticulously styled abstract product photography – colourful compositions made with vibrant cereals, sparkly cake sprinkles and other factory food products. Pop food draws connections between pop art and food, transforming the uniformity of processed foods into something completely new and unique.

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