Pop food – print collection

Pop art is the inedible raised to the unspeakable

Leonard Baskin

Pop food

A kaleidoscope of industrial food

This series features meticulously styled still life photography, created from a palette of food dyes and colourings, both artificial and naturally derived. These colourful compositions made with vibrant cereals, sparkly cake sprinkles and other borderline-foods. Pop food draws connections between pop art and food, transforming the uniformity of processed foods into something completely new and unique.

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There are 20 images available in each edition, divided between 2 sizes. Images in each edition are numbered and are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

About the artist

All works in the series are art directed, propped, styled, lit, photographed and retouched by the artist. Learn more about me and my work.

Prints in this collection

Two prints in picture frames with sizing, pink concrete block and sunlight


Prints are sized to match common frame sizes, both metric (cm) and imperial (inch).

Prints are available in two sizes:

SMALL30 x 40cm 12 x 16″ ∙ 10 x available
LARGE40 x 50cm16 x 20” ∙ 10 x available


Fine art prints are best framed with glass, but there are plenty of easy options for finding a great frame, no matter where you live.

Prints are supplied with 1.3cm/0.5″ white borders for mounting and handling.

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