Negronis with lilies, 2021

Vibrant fine art photography print of negroni cocktails on gold cocktail cart with lilies in black and white gingham room.

This image is printed on FujiFlex “Supergloss” is an archival quality printing material with intense, vivid, luminous colour, pure, bright whites and inky blacks. Details you can stare at for hours. This paper prints at the highest resolution possible – best for showing you the intricate details I have created in these images. The rich colours and details in these prints will last for generations.

Available in two sizes, in limited editions of 10 prints per size.


Created 12th October 2021 in the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England.

The sweet-bitter, boozy delight of a negroni cocktail will never be far from your lips.

Colour scheme: Combining analogous pink, red and orange, balanced with a touch of complementary green. I love the vivid colour of Campari liqueur and I really wanted these cocktails to glow.


Negroni cocktails with orange peel twists, made with deep red Campari liqueur, gin and sweet vermouth. Clear cocktail ice created and carved by the artist. Gold drinks cart, cocktail accessories and cut glass collected over decades.

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Two prints in picture frames with sizing, pink concrete block and sunlight

Framing + sizing

SMALL30 x 40cm 12 x 16″ ∙ 10 x available
LARGE40 x 50cm16 x 20” ∙ 10 x available

This print is supplied with 0.5″/1.3cm white borders for framing, mounting and handling.

Small and large sizes are cropped slightly differently. Read more about sizing, framing and colour.

Printed on the remarkable FujiFlex “Supergloss”learn more about this fine art print technique.

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